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Our new programs include specialized fitness classes developed and led by Janalyn! Coach Janalyn holds a myriad of certifications relevant to your fitness journey. Each class brings a specific methodology to elevate your fitness routine. Whether you want to begin your fitness journey or supplement your current training - these classes are for you! These programs are included in your unlimited membership or you can sign up for just the Love your curves program. 


A dance fitness cardio class ranging from high to low intesity workouts. Led by latin and pop rhythms, this class is for all ages. 


A breath and body movement that includes a variety of poses. This class will include poses and movements to increase core strength, balance, flexibility and range of motion. 


A full- body workout combining the fun of drumming and different types of sweat dripping exercises. It includes a ripstix to create light resistance and combines strength training, cardio with pilates and yoga movements. 


An older adult cardio/strength exercise with chair based movements. Participants should be able to stand and walk unsupported for 45 minutes. Including body weight exercises and utilizes hand held weights, elastic tubing with handles, Silver Sneakers ball alternated with non-impact aerobic choreography. 


A hybrid workout class that combines ballet inspired movement, elements of pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Each class focuses on core strength but also includes arms, shoulders and lower body work to strengthen and tone the legs and hips. 


Led by instructor Lynn, Tai Chi is a practice that involves a series of slow gentle movements and physical postures, a meditative state of mind, and controlled breathing. Tai Chi is performed in a dance-like, martial arts form. 

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